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Chania, surely a city of many tales* is one of the most appealing and worldwide popular tourist destinations of Greece, attracting every year thousands of visitors and faithful lovers who repeatedly return to this city that has been so generously blessed by nature and densely woven by history.

Chania, an enchanting urban destination which tantalises all senses, is the second largest city of Crete and historically a maritime crossroad of three continents. Its main assets are the unparalleled natural landscape, combined with the rich cultural heritage which is filled with colours, scents, flavours, music and most of all the big and open hearts of its people. The historical, natural, cultural uniqueness and abundance of Chania entices travellers all year round to experience the essence of Crete and Cretan life.

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Beaches | Morum Chania City Hotel


Chania prefecture is famous for its wonderful beaches, some of them being among the most beautiful in Greece and Europe! You simply have to visit them all! Beaches like Balos lagoon and Falasarna have an exotic air, with emerald green waters and white sand. Don’t miss Elafonisi, a Natura 2000 protected area, world-famous for its pink sand and turquoise waters.

Experiences | Morum Chania City Hotel


Chania offers thrilling experiences for nature lovers, too! Samaria gorge, part of the White Mountains’ National Park, welcomes guests from every part of the world, that come just to admire this wonder of nature. This gorge might be the longest and most famous but there are other smaller but unique gorges in the area to go hiking, like Aradaina gorge, where you can also bungee jump! For water sports lovers, Chania beaches offer all sorts of activities, like kite- or windsurfing.