Comfortable stayin the center of Chania.

About us

Welcome to Morum City Hotel

The hotel is situated in the center of Chania, Just a few meter away from the market and the Venetian old harbour. It’s ideal location offers travellers the convenience only a city hotel can provide, it’s a recently fully renovated hotel with 37 rooms catering for all kinds of  accommodation needs. On the ground floor you can relax at the Morum Cafe and restaurant tasting delicious cuisine.


Elegance is what we provide

In our modern and hospitable rooms everything you desire is readily avaliable to cover all your needs. There is a style to suit every taste, whether you are a business traveler or couples on a quick getaway, wishing to relax after a long day in town or at the beach. All rooms are equipped with coffee and tea amenities, as well as toiletries and  welcome complimentary treats.

In the heart of city

Travellers best choice

Chania is a city with a thousand faces. Scents, flavours, colours and sounds will get you carried away the moment you arrive. The different cultures and rich history create a unique atmospere full of enchanting experiences. Indulge your senses in every part of the city savouring its pictures, feelings and history.

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